Research & Development

We have our R&D department to determine the requirements of babies and mothers and to find the best solutions for moms and babies.

UniCare conducts research that contributes to sustainable societies and enriches the lives of people around the world.

Babies are very valuable and important for us, because they are our future. It is our highest priority to produce diapers they deserve. It is clear that the baby care products have crucial effects on healthy growth of our most valuables. We aim to produce the most comfortable diapers that fits well, that keeps the babies dry and that does not have any harmful effects to babies by utulizing all technological solutions and having a close eye on advances of the industry.

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Our key elements

  • What is a superabsorbent?
    A superabsorbent is a polymer material that absorbs and retains liquid in an amount many times its own weight. Superabsorbing polymers are created on the basis of acrylic acid and its salts, polymerized in solution or in suspension.
    Areas of application
    Wide application in absorbent layers of hygiene products for children and adults (diapers, sanitary napkins, etc.)
  • Our diapers are made up of organic materials derived from plant-based raw materials. In the composition of cellulose. In their production, no derivatives of chlorine, petroleum products, dyes and fragrances are used, and when disposed of, diapers decompose well